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5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion

Release Date: 1967 (CD release 1992)

Elektra / WEA


Remastered version: 2010

A single CD preserving the integrity of the original release. Includes sleeve notes by Robin, Clive, Mike and Joe Boyd.



Track Listing

  1. Chinese White
  2. No Sleep Blues
  3. Painting Box
  4. The Mad Hatter's Song
  5. Little Cloud
  6. The Eyes of Fate
  7. Blues for the Muse
  8. The Hedgehog's Song
  9. First Girl I Loved
  10. You Know What You Could Be
  11. My Name is Death
  12. Gently Tender
  13. Way Back in the 1960s
Re-released in September 2002 in the Collector's Choice series with The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter on the same CD.

Sundazed Music in the US has reissued this album on 180g vinyl.

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