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Original Cover and 2002 CD release

1993 US CD release

I Looked Up

The first CD issue of I Looked Up in the UK is 2002 although there was a 1993 US CD release on Rykodisc. The 2002 CD release feature new liner notes by Mike Heron. 

Release Date: April 1970 (CD release 1993/July 2002)

Elektra / Rykodisc (US)

Elektra 7559627602

Reissued in remastered form in September 2014 on BGO.


Track Listing

  1. Black Jack Davy
  2. The Letter
  3. Pictures in a Mirror
  4. This Moment
  5. When You Find Out Who You Are
  6. Fair As You


Re-released in September 2002 in the Collector's Choice series with Changing Horses on the same CD.


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