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Wee Tam & The Big Huge

This is a double album. The UK CD release transferred the album to two separate CDs. The US version is the double album.

Release Date: 1968 (CD release 1993)

Elektra / WEA

(US Version)

Wee Tam (UK Version)

Big Huge (UK Version)

Remastered version: 2010

A 2-CD set preserving the integrity of the original release. Includes sleeve notes by Robin, Clive, Mike and Joe Boyd.



Track Listing 

Wee Tam

  1. Job's Tears
  2. Puppies
  3. Beyond The See
  4. The Yellow Snake
  5. Log Cabin Home in the Sky
  6. You Get Brighter
  7. The Half-Remarkable Question
  8. Air
  9. Ducks on a Pond

The Big Huge

  1. Maya
  2. Greatest Friend
  3. The Son of Noah's Brother
  4. Lordly Nightshade
  5. The Mountain of God
  6. Cousin Caterpillar
  7. The Iron Stone
  8. Douglas Traherne Harding
  9. The Circle is Unbroken


A 2002 release from Collectors is a single CD that teams Wee Tam and the Big Huge together again.

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