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Latest: Live at the Fillmore West 1970

What's New

Live at the Fillmore West 1970

A radio recording of the Incredible String Band performing at the Fillmore West in San Francisco in 1970 is now available on CD.

(Added 12 October 2022)

Be Glad for the Song has No Ending

An updated and revised version of the Be Glad book is due 27 December 2022.

(Added 1 October 2022)

On Track: The Incredible String Band

Tim Moon has a new book analysing the work of the Incredible String Band.

(Added 21 July 2021)

Muse Odalisque Handmaiden

Rose Simpson has been writing her autobiography and this will include much about her days in the Incredible String Band. There is an extract in issue 96 of Shindig which makes a great read.

The hardback will be published 16 November 2020 with the paperback version due in January 2021.

(Updated 10 October 2020)

Woodstock Boxed Set

Rhino Records is releasing a boxed set of the full Woodstock event as a 50th anniversary package. This does include the Incredible String Band, four tracks on the 4CD set or the whole six tracks on a 38(!) CD set.

(Added 14 February 2019)

Dr Strangely Strange

New in March 2019 is Dr Strangely Strange - Fitting Pieces to the Jigsaw. This covers the glory years in the 1960s and has many references to the Incredible String Band.

(Added 2 December 2019)

U-The Film

The Rio cinema in Dalston is showing a film of the U performance at the Roundhouse in May. This is a one-off showing.

(Added 23 February 2018)

Edinburgh International Festival

Mike Heron leads a long list of guests who will be playing Incredible String Band songs at the Edinburgh International Festival on 17 August. The following evening Mike will be discussing 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion, 50 years after its release.

(Added 18 July 2017)

Relics of the Incredible String Band

Finally available on CD, this compilation of tracks from the Elektra years was first released in 1971.

(Added 4 May 2017)

You Know What You Could Be: Tuning Into the 1960s

Due in April 2017 is a new book from Mike Heron and Andrew Greig. This includes reminiscences from Mike who remembers the early days of the Incredible String Band. How much can he remember?

(Added 7 August 2016)

Smiling Men with Bad Reputations

Mike Heron's debut solo album from 1971 has been reissued on CD by Talking Elephant. The album includes contributions from Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page and Elton John.

(Added 22 June 2015)

Robin & Bina's Facebook Page

Robin and Bina Williamson have a new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RobinAndBinaWlliamson.

(Added 5 March 2015)


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