Guide to British Music of the 1960s

January 1998

Book Review

The Virgin Encyclopaedia of Sixties Music


The new Virgin Encyclopędia of Sixties Music is part of a Virgin series with each book focusing on a different decade in music. It has been adapted from the six-volume Encyclopędia of Popular Music. It is an in-depth look at the groups and solo artists of the 1960s, including not just the major acts but also many minor, lesser-known artists and one-hit wonders. As such it appears to be a most in-depth account of the period. Each entry provides facts about the careers, key dates, details of record releases and ratings for albums.

The depth of the encyclopędia is noted in the fact that it is continually updated and used by Microsoft as a key source for its Music Central Series. This volume claims to have almost 1,000 entries and it runs to over 500 pages.

The scope of the book is wide and extends beyond the UK to cover artists from all over the world and making all types of music. It is highly recommended for any lover of 1960s music who wants to find out more about the groups and recordings.

ISBN: 0-7535-0149-X

First published 1997 by Virgin Books in association with Muze UK.

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