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March 2022

Book Review: The Who Much Too Much by Mike Evans

There are numerous books about the Who. This new work by Mike Evans is less of a biography but more of a chronological overview of their career. This is more of a coffee table volume with a wealth of photographs and design making the book a pleasure to read and look at.

Much Too Much follows the Who on an album by album basis. Each album is covered with details including information about the songs included. This is all put into context of what the band was doing at the time, the tours, television appearances bust-ups, etc. Good music is timeless but a contextual analysis of the environment at the time of writing and recording can help the listener to appreciate the music so much more.

The biography is present but those looking for a detailed, analytical biography of the Who and its members are best advised to read elsewhere. However, the brief biographical pieces help to improve understanding of where the band were when they recorded the music.

The book is an easy and enjoyable read and will be appreciated by die-hard Who fans as well as more casual listeners.

Published: 7 October 2021


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