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April 2021

Book Review

Having a Rave Up! by Peter Checksfield

Having a Rave Up! is another reference work from Peter Checksfield. Like the other books covered by Making Time, this is an enormous research work that provides a broad overview of LPs released by British Beat artists during the 1960s. Presented in alphabetical order and then in chronological order the listing covers UK and overseas (mostly US and Germany) LPs. For the LPs the details show release month, track listing with songwriters, highest UK chart position and a brief description of the LP.

Many artists released different LPs in the UK and in other countries. In the case of the Beatles, for example, it was not until Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that the track listings matched. The Who's UK debut My Generation was released in the US as The Who Sings My Generation with I'm a Man replaced with Instant Party (Circles). The Small Faces' first album on Immediate was repackaged for the US market as There Are But Four Small Faces. Many would argue that the US release as it includes the addition of three stunning hit singles while the UK release had none of the singles.

The releases shown are the official releases in the 1960s and slightly either side. It does not includes later reissues or repackaging, especially as many artists have seen their creative output diluted by poor quality, low price releases since the 1960s. Many of these have not benefited the artists. The LPs shown here are the genuine articles.

This is a very useful reference work to add to the bookshelf. It would be difficulty to read from cover to cover but is ideal for dipping into, possibly while listening to the LP or looking for more about certain artists. Recommend for fans of 1960s British music.

Published:26 March 2021


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