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June 2021

Book Review

Shindig! by Peter Checksfield

Peter Checksfield has recently released a series of interesting reference books relating to music of the 1960s. Like the previous releases, Shindig! is a book to dip in and out rather than reading cover to cover. Shindig! was a US 1960s TV show, seemingly fairly familiar to the UK's Ready Steady Go. While the vast majority of the acts on the show were American, British acts nonetheless were often on the show. It ran for a few years in the mid-1960s. The show was the brainchild of Jack Good of Oh Boy! fame.

Many of the acts performed more than one song on the show and sometimes in the form of an opening medley. The "hit single" would be highlighted as well as one other song, sometimes two. A broad spectrum of popular music would be covered. Even the Tiger Bay singer Shirley Bassey appears in one of the final episodes. Interesting episodes from December 1965 are titled Shindig! Goes to London and featured a number of British artists. The two shows were recorded live at the Richmond Jazz & Blues Festival.

The book covers every show with details of the artists and songs played. This is accompanied by screeenshots from the programme.

Like Peter Checksfield's previous works, this is a major piece of research and a fascinating insight into an iconic US music show.

Published:27 May 2021


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