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June 2024

Book Review: On Track Small Faces & the Faces by Andrew Darlington

The Ontrack series of books is an excellent introduction to the artists covered with interesting information about the songs without being too detailed. As such, they are an easy and enjoyable read. This new work about Small Faces and the Faces does an excellent job of explaining the songs and the context in which they were recorded and released.

Small Faces are the focus. Official releases are covered in reasonable detail. There is also coverage of Steve Marriott's activity prior to forming Small Faces as well as artists who released Marriott-Lane songs, Jimmy Winston & the Reflections, Winston's Fumbs but also artists where Small Faces had an involvement such as Billy Nicholls and PP Arnold. The book does not cover, and does not need to cover, the multitude of LP, cassette and CD releases during the time ownership was, at best, confused. Nevertheless, there are some gaps in the official releases. The Acid Jazz Small Faces, Muleskinners and Moments are excluded as are later official releases such as Here Come the Nice The Immediate Years and The Decca Years compilations. As they contained some different tracks they would have been worthy. The 2021 Live 1966 album is referred to but not analysed which is a pity as it contains some tracks not available elsewhere. Some non-UK releases are mentioned but not a complete list.

Following Small Faces, the book covers The Faces and Humble Pie as well as solo careers of Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones. Again, this is an interesting read. There is actually a separate book covering Humble Pie in much more detail.

The book is certainly a worthwhile read and, while not complete in its coverage, does contain a lot of interesting information, much of which is new to this Small Faces enthusiast.

Published: 7 June 2024

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