Guide to British Music of the 1960s

July 2002

CD Review

Tomorrow - 50 Minute Technicolor Dream


Tomorrow was one of the most innovative bands of the late 1960s although much of their work has not had a wide audience. 50 Minute Technicolour Dream collects together a variety of tracks by the band including alternative versions, unused recordings, two BBC Top Gear tracks and live tracks. Many of the tracks were previously unreleased. 

The first two tracks were made by Tomorrow for the Antonioni film Blow Up but were not used. Both of the band's singles are included. My White Bicycle is one of the live tracks from December 1967 while there are no less than three versions of Revolution, not the Beatles song! One of these is from the same 1967 concert while there is a also a Top Gear version and an unissued studio version.

Two cover versions are included. The concert features the Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever and the Byrds' Why. The latter is also available as an unreleased studio version.

The second part of the CD is the band's set from Christmas on Earth, a live event from December 1967 that included many of the top underground groups of the time including Pink Floyd. Tomorrow's set was recorded through a single microphone and it sounds like it. It could be argued that this sound quality lets the CD down but it does give some indication of why Tomorrow was one of the hottest live acts in London at the time. The live version of the single My White Bicycle is certainly worth hearing. 

There is a downside to this CD and that is the sound quality of the live recordings. This is very rough to say the least but it does provide a level of atmosphere similar to being in a hot, sweaty club. It is a good companion to the studio album which is available on CD. Tomorrow was essentially a live band and through the live tracks and BBC session takes this CD does get close to providing a documentary of what the band was like live. 

Release date: 1998 RPM RPM184

Essential Tracks:

  • My White Bicycle
  • Am I Glad To See You
  • Revolution

Track Listing:

  1. Am I Glad To See You
  2. Blow Up
  3. Caught in a Web
  4. Revolution
  5. Why
  6. Real Life Permanent Dream
  7. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
  8. Revolution
  9. Caught in a Web
  10. Shotgun and the Duck
  11. My White Bicycle
  12. Real Life Permanent Dream
  13. Revolution
  14. Why
  15. Mr Rainbow
  16. Strawberry Fields Forever

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