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July 2017

CD Review: Tonite Let's All Make Love In London


The 1960s were a time of great change. Peter Whitehead's film documents this with a mix of filmed music clips and interviews with high profile personalities of the age. The soundtrack album has now been made available again and remastered from the original tapes to provide superb quality. Most of the music tracks are taken from Andrew Loog-Oldham's Immediate label. The soundtrack was originally released on Instant a sub-label of Immediate in July 1968 and, indeed, the CD in this package replicates the Instant style. There have been a few re-releases since but this is the most authentic package and the best sound quality. Incidentally, alongside the CD the album is also available as pink vinyl.

Tonite Let's All Make Love in London was filmed during the summer of 1967 and the interviews, in particular, give a feeling of the prevailing mood at the time. London was "swinging", young people had money and the introduction of the contraceptive pill around 1964 had all contributed to an apparent sexual freedom. This is evident from the way the interviewees talk. Ironically it is Michel Caine, famous for playing the promiscuous Alfie, who appears the most reserved. The prevailing mood is one of great change and this is reflected in this soundtrack album with the interviews and innovative music.

There are two hits from the summer of 1967. The Small Faces' Here Come the Nice escaped the censors despite being clearly about a drug dealer "he's always there when I need some speed." The track still sounds remarkably fresh despite being 50 years old. Fellow Immediate artist had reached number one with the Jagger / Richards track Out of Time. This is included along with Farlowe's version of the Stones song Paint It Black. Good as the latter is, it lacks the power of the original.

Vashti Bunyan's Winter is Blue is a beautiful track that evokes some of the folkier sounds of 1967. Twice as Much were another Immediate Records act who toured Europe with the Small Faces and PP Arnold. A more unusual track is The Changing of the Guard by The Marquis of Kensington although it may represent the more traditional England and is a contrast to the "racier" tracks elsewhere. The vocalist is Robert Wace who, at the time, was manager of The Kinks.

Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive is repeated through the film and CD. This was recorded at Sound Techniques in Chelsea in January 1967 and is different to the version that later appeared on Piper at the Gates of Dawn. At the time the band did not have a record deal and producer Joe Boyd included Interstellar Overdrive on the tape he took around record companies. There was little of this track in the finished film and so the soundtrack version is the most complete. The full version is 16 minutes and does appear on London '66-'67. At the time Boyd was better known as the producer of The Incredible String Band.

Tonite Let's All Make Love in London is a wonderful snapshot of "Swinging London" and a major change in society. Indeed it does represent the changing of the guard. Alongside the known tracks are some interesting curios and, of course, the wonderful interviews.

Charly INCD002

CD Release: 2 June 2017

Essential Tracks

  • Interstellar Overdrive
  • Here Come the Nice
  • Out of Time

Track Listing

  1. Interstellar Overdrive (Soundtrack version) - Pink Floyd
  2. Interview 1 - Michael Caine
  3. The Changing of the Guard (Soundtrack version) - The Marquis of Kensington
  4. Night Time Girl (Soundtrack version) - Twice as Much
  5. Interview - Genevieve
  6. Out of Time (Soundtrack version) - Chris Farlowe
  7. Interview - Edna O'Brien
  8. Interstellar Overdrive - Extract 1 (Soundtrack version) - Pink Floyd
  9. Interview 1 - Andrew Loog Oldham
  10. Winter is Blue (Soundtrack version) - Vashti
  11. Interview 2 - Andrew Loog Oldham
  12. Winter is Blue - Reprise (Soundtrack version) - Vashti
  13. Interview - Mick Jagger
  14. Interview - Julie Christie
  15. Interview 2 - Michael Caine
  16. Paint it Black (Soundtrack version) - Chris Farlowe
  17. Interview - Alan Aldridge
  18. Paint it Black - Reprise (Soundtrack version) - Chris Farlowe
  19. Interview - David Hockney
  20. Here Come the Nice - Soundtrack version) - The Small Faces
  21. Interview - Lee Marvin
  22. Interstellar Overdrive - Extract 2 (Soundtrack version) - Pink Floyd
  23. Tonite Let's All Make Love in London (Soundtrack version) - Allen Ginsberg

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