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November 2013

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Steve Marriott - Give All She's Got

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Although he made his name in the Small Faces, Steve Marriott already had a back catalogue of music and films. Many of his earlier music tracks have been available in some form or other for some time but this limited edition blue vinyl release has a few surprises. Marriott had been to stage school and had already acted but he was being groomed as a singer. These pre-Small Faces tracks show an interesting evolution and change in styles that clearly led towards his raunchy R&B style that reached the charts with What'cha Gonna Do About It and the Small Faces' debut album.

Marriott's first recording is missing from this compilation. He had played the part of Artful Dodger in the original stage version of Oliver. He recorded several tracks at Abbey Road and Consider Yourself is available on the Tin Soldier compilation. He then moved into acting with a number of roles that typecast him as the Cockney child although it may be said that he never escaped this during his career and he played on it. He returned to looking for a musical career and took his song Imaginary Love around the record companies. Decca signed him and released the track as a B-side to Give Her My Regards. The A-side was written by established songwriter Kenny Lynch was later co-wrote the third Small Faces single Sha-La-La-La-Lee.

The earliest tracks from 1962 and 1963 are more reminiscent of the sound of the times although there are signs of a bluesier vocal in the cover of Ray Charles' What I'd Say. Imaginary Love suggests this early Steve Marriott composition owes a lot to Buddy Holly and this is even more evident on 1963's Give Her My Regards. In his early years Marriott had been interested in Buddy Holly not just in his songwriting and singing but also trying to adopt his look. Even in these early days it was clear that Steve had a voice that was quite unique.

The Moments' first single was surprisingly launched in the US though not in the UK. The cover of Ray Davies' You Really Got Me shows that Marriott's vocal style is developing and is starting to become quite distinctive. The group was also billed as Marriott & the Moments. A version of Move It was recorded but remained unreleased. You Really Got Me failed to trouble the charts in America and Marriott was dropped by the band with others claiming he was too young to be lead singer.

This is a limited edition release on 10" blue vinyl. The tracks are also available on the second CD of the Steve Marriott double CD I Need Your Love

Release Date: August 2013

Wapping Wharf Records

Track Listing:

Side One

  1. Give All She's Got (Demo October 1964)
  2. Imaginary Love (Alternative version, 1963)
  3. Give Her My Regards (1963 single)
  4. Blue Morning (1964 with the Moments)
  5. You Really Got Me (1964 US single with the Moments)

Side Two

  1. Money Money (1964 US single with the Moments)
  2. You'll Never Get Away From Me (1964 with the Moments)
  3. Imaginary Love (1962 demo with the Moonlights)
  4. What'd I Say (1962 demo with the Moonlights)

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