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December 2021

CD Review: Box of Pin-Ups - The British Sounds of 1965

Cherry Red label Grapefruit is starting to develop a strong reputation for interesting 1960s compilations. Alongside the well-known artists and tracks it is illuminating to explore the lesser-known and even obscure artists. Life changed in 1965-1966 and this compilation highlights this change beautifully. British music was entering a boom phase. There was less reliance on US artists or US songs and, led by the Beatles, bands were forming and writing their own material. Also, songwriters like Graham Gouldman were emerging. The golden age of British music was well-underway.

Amongst the better-known artists are the Pretty Things with the superb Midnight to Six Man and the lesser-known track Get a Buzz. The Pretty Things were a superb R&B group who evolved as the decade progressed, producing the concept LP SF Sorrow a few years later. The Small Faces' debut single What'Cha Gonna Do About It is represented by an alternative version, possibly a demo version of the track, with great guitar feedback. Lulu & the Luvvers provide a bouncy number, much in the style of Shout, with Surprise Surprise. The Yardbirds are still with Eric Clapton with a live version of the early single I Wish You Would as well as a later track, Graham Gouldman's Evil Hearted You featuring Jeff Beck on lead guitar. The Hollies contribute a couple of tracks while Newcastle's Animals are present with the superb It's My Life.

There are also artists that will make their mark later on. The Birds include future Creation, Jeff Beck Group, Quiet Melon, Faces and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. While the group is possibly better-known for an ill-advised publicity stunt trying to sue the American Byrds on their arrival in the UK, they were a great group and are worth checking out. Rod Stewart's track was a b-side and shows how good he was in those days. He was also a member of Steampacket with Brian Auger who appears later. The Trinity would hit the big time with their cover of Bob Dylan's Wheels on Fire with vocals by Julie Driscoll. Elton John, or Reg Dwight as he was still known, makes his debut with Bluesology. Dwight wrote this track.

Vashti Bunyan has an amazing voice and would later record the wonderful track Just Another Diamond Day. She tends more towards the "folk" side and would become a contemporary of the Incredible String Band. The Mark Four released four singles before they evolved into the Creation. The Action remain very popular today and their debut single Land of 1,000 Dances shows just how good they were. Unfortunately their powerful live act never translated into hit singles.

An interesting track is Jimmy Page's solo single She Just Satisfies. At the time he was an in-demand session musician and would join the Yardbirds the following year. He plays all the instruments except drums on this track, I believe. The Fleurs de Lys' Wait For Me also has a Jimmy Page connection. This track was destined to be the band's first single with Jimmy Page producing. However, they were told to record Buddy Holly's Moondreams. Wait for Me did appear on the b-side but this was an instrumental credited to Page as writer and not the track included here. The band were none too happy about this but at least the Fleurs De Lys Wait For Me is now available.

The Downliners Sect were a R&B band quite like any other. Leader of the Sect parodies the Shangri-Las while other tracks such as I Want My Baby Back explore the "sicker" side of Leader of the Pack. In fact they even released a record called The Sect Sing Sick Songs!

This compilation is highly recommended as it shows a clear transition from the sounds of the early 1960s to the innovation of the later part of the decade. Alongside the well-known tracks there are some great rarities here with groups and tracks that deserve a wider audience.


Original release: 12 November 2021

Essential Tracks

  • Rod Stewart - Why Does It Go On
  • Dave Berry - This Strange Effect
  • The Action - Land of 1,000 Dances

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. The Pretty Things - Midnight to Six Man

  2. The Small Faces - What'Cha Gonna Do About It (Alternative version)

  3. The Eyes - I'm Rowed Out

  4. The Hi-Numbers - Heart of Stone

  5. Donovan - Hey Gip (Dig the Slowness)

  6. Lulu & the Luvvers - Surprise Surprise

  7. The Spectres - The Facts of Life

  8. The Wheels - Gloria

  9. Brian Poole & the Tremeloes - I Want Candy

  10. The Poets - That's the Way It's Got To Be

  11. The New Breed - Unto Us

  12. The Birds - Next in Line

  13. Manfred Mann - Tired of Trying, Bored with Lying, Scared of Dying

  14. Dave Berry - This Strange Effect

  15. Bluesology - Come Back Baby

  16. Rod Stewart - Why Does It Go On

  17. The Brian Auger Trinity - Fool Killer

  18. The Beatstalkers - Ev'rybody's Taking 'Bout My Baby

  19. The Game - Gotta Keep on Moving Baby

  20. The Shots - Keep a Hold of What You Got

  21. Vashti - Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind

  22. The Searchers - I'll Be Doggone

  23. The Kirkbys - 'Cos My Baby's Gone

  24. The Baskervilles - Day Tripper (live)

  25. The Couriers - Done Me Wrong

  26. The Frays - Keep Me Covered

  27. Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - Long Black Train

  28. Glenn Athens & the Trojans - Let Me Show You How

  29. The Mark Four - I'm Leaving

  30. The Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone

Disc Two

  1. The Yardbirds - Evil Hearted You

  2. The Sorrows - No, No, No, No

  3. The Clique - She Ain't No Good

  4. The Action - Land of 1,000 Dances

  5. The End - I Can't Get Any Joy

  6. The Iveys - Bad Tough Luck Girl (live)

  7. The Hollies - Put Yourself in My Place

  8. The Merseybeats - I Stand Accused

  9. Tony Jackson & the Vibrations - Love Potion No. 9

  10. The Afex -Too Many Things

  11. Boys Blue - You Got What I Want

  12. Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies

  13. The Artwoods - She Knows What To Do

  14. The Graham Bond Organisation - Neighbour Neighbour

  15. The Athenians - Mercy Mercy

  16. Downliners Sect - Leader of the Sect

  17. Rev. Black & the Rocking Vicars - Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart

  18. The Chasers - Hey Little Girl

  19. First Gear - The "In" Crowd

  20. Phillip Goodhand-Tait & the Stormsville Shakers - Long Live Love

  21. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - I'll Go Crazy

  22. Micky Finn - The Sporting Life

  23. Bo Street Runners - Get Out Of My Way

  24. Marc Bolan - The Wizard

  25. The Uprooted - It's Just You

  26. The Kingpins - Diamond Girl

  27. The Lemmings - My Little Girl

  28. The Ugly's - It's Alright

  29. The Nightshift - That's My Story

  30. Four + One - Don't Lie To Me

  31. The Moody Blues - And My Baby's Gone

  32. The In-Sect - Reelin' and Rockin'

  33. Thee - There You Go!

Disc Three

  1. The Animals - It's My Life

  2. The Carnaby - Jump & Dance

  3. David John & the Mood - Bring It To Jerome

  4. The Pretty Things - Get a Buzz

  5. The Primitives - You Said

  6. The Roulettes - The Long Cigarette

  7. George Bean - Why Must They Criticise

  8. John Bryant - Tell Me What You See

  9. Robb Storme & the Whispers - Where is My Girl

  10. The Zombies - Tell Her No

  11. Five Steps Beyond - Baby Mine

  12. The Hollies - I've Got a Way of My Own

  13. James Royal & the Hawks - She's About a Mover

  14. The Eccentrics - What You Got

  15. The In Crowd - You're On Your Own

  16. The Cops 'n Robbers - I Found Out

  17. The Yardbirds - I Wish You Would (live)

  18. The Richmond Group - Cops & Robbers

  19. The Silence - Forgive Me If I'm Wrong

  20. Arthur Brown with the Diamonds - You Don't Know

  21. Les Fleurs de Lys - Wait For Me

  22. Miki Dallon - I'll Give You Love

  23. The Wild Oats - Fannie Mae

  24. The Sheffields - Plenty  of Love

  25. The Betterdays - Honey What's Wrong

  26. Guy Darrell - Stupidity

  27. The Clayton Squares - And Tears Fell

  28. The Tomcats - Get Off My Cloud

  29. The Kinks - Where Have All the Good Times Gone

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