Guide to British Music of the 1960s

December 2003

DVD Review

Dateline Diamonds

Dateline Diamonds is about the manager of a pop group (the Small Faces) who is hiding a secret. Lester Benson (Kenneth Cope) is really Arthur Gittins who is an ex-con. If the secret is discovered it could ruin his career and destroy the band. 

A diamond thief knows Lester's true identity. He blackmails the Small Faces' manager into smuggling diamonds onto a offshore pirate radio ship where it will be collected by Kiki Dee's crooked agent. However, the daughter of the police chief leading the investigation is a big Small Faces fan. 

The film features four Small Faces songs as well as two by the Chantelles and one by Kiki Dee. The Small Faces line-up is the original featuring Jimmy Winston. The Small Faces are generally heard in the background although they do play I've Got Mine "live" in a club with Jimmy Winston on Rickenbacker guitar. 

OK, this is not the most wonderful of films but it is the only filmed appearance of the Small Faces with Jimmy Winston.

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