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The Peddlers

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Roy Phillips - Keyboards, guitar, vocals, Tab Martin - Bass, Trevor Morais - Drums

The Peddlers were a jazz-orientated group from Liverpool and Dorset. Over time their style evolved from this jazz direction to more of a cabaret style and providing interludes for television chat shows. 

Roy Phillips and Tab Martin had previously been with the Tornados while Trevor Morais had drummed with Rory Storm & the Hurricanes. The band had a residency during much of 1964 at the Scotch of St James's club in London. 

They had a small hit with Let The Sunshine In before Birth made the top twenty in 1970. Girlie was a minor hit later. The album Birthday also made the charts. 

When the group split in the mid-1970s, Tab Martin became a session player while Phillips emigrated to New Zealand and Morais joined Quantum Jump. 

  • Rory Storm & the Hurricanes
  • The Tornados

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