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Which Small Faces songs have been covered by which artists? Do they do them justice? I some of them but please e-mail with any additions to this list. Thanks to The Darlings of Wapping Wharf Launderette, Roland Schmitt of Happy Boys Happy and everybody else who has contributed to this feature.

Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake

  • The Jones Gang at the Ronnie Lane Memorial 2004 on the DVD and CD.

Red Balloon

  • Idha Melody Inn Creation WK66191 1994 does a nice cover version (i.e. copy of Small Faces' version of Tim Hardin"s Red Balloon with Mac..)
  • Rick Nelson covered the song in the late 1960s.
  • Jim Hynes: A great Canadian (from Montreal) pop-punk band  called The Nils did a Small Faces inspired (but a little faster and a lot heavier) version of Tim Hardin's Red Balloon. It was recorded in a session for a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC Radio) show called Brave New Waves in 1988 I believe. It was released on a sort of posthumous "Best of ..." CD called Green Fields of Daylight in 1998 or so by a Montreal label called Mag Wheel Records. The band went around playing this tune for years, including a 1988 U.S. tour opening for England's The Godfathers. I should now, 'cause as a pal and roadie, I was there.


  • 17 Black at the Ronnie Lane Memorial 2004 on the DVD and CD.

Rollin' Over

  • Brian May from Queen on his 1992 CD Back to the Light.
  • At a party by Acid Jazz Records a version was played by Paul Weller, Ian McLagen and Kenney Jones.
  • Covered by Don Fardon.
  • Whiteout on Long Ago and Worlds Apart.
  • Sorrows as the Rolling Over EP in 1968. Reissued on the French label EVA as Sorrows in 1984.

Sha La La La Lee

  • Not written by The Small Faces but included anyway as it was written for them. Covered by Plastic Bertrand in 1978.
  • Slik, with a young Midge Ure, covered the song live in 1976.
  • Also covered by The Rattles (In-Crowd), The Jades of Forthworth, both versions being released in 1966. Also the German Blue Flames.
  • Mud on 1974's Mud Rock.
  • Other versions are by the German skiffle band Leinemann on the b-side of Mama, mama, gimme medicine, the DB's Christmas Time EP from 1985 and the Purple Helmets CD Rise Again.
  • Symon & Pi apparently recorded a "dreadful" version in the late 1960s.
  • Covered in the 1960s by the Canadian group Meddy's People and reissued on the Boulders #9 compilation.
  • Covered by The Chords at the 100 Club gig in London in August 1996.
  • The Japanese mod band The Collectors recorded the song on the CD single Rainbow Eyes With Tears.
  • A British band called Writing on the Wall recorded the song for a BBC programme in 1969. This has recently been released on a bootleg LP compilation called Mynd the Gap.
  • 1966 Italian singles by Elsa & I Beats and Scotch.

Song of a Baker

  • The Screaming Trees covered the song on their seventh album, Sweet Oblivion, in 1992. The Screaming Trees are from Ellensburg,Wa./USA
  • Covered by The Texas Instruments on the 1994 album Speed of Sound (Doctor Dream records).
  • Ocean Colour Scene on the tribute album Long Ago and Worlds Apart. Also on the 1997 Marchin' Already tour as an encore. Also played as part of this tour on Radio 1 In Concert 22 February 1998. Available also on the 2010 4-CD set OCS 21.
  • Paul Weller and guests played it at the Finsbury Park show, Lazy Sunday Afternoon, in June 1996.
  • The Posies on the 1993 single, The Definite Door.
  • Steve Ellis at the Steve Marriott Memorial Concert in 2001 and on the CD.
  • Ocean Colour Scene at the Ronnie Lane Memorial 2004 on the DVD and CD.

Sorry She's Mine

  • This song (not written by the band), from the first Decca album, was done in a style very close to the original, by The Twilights on their debut album in 1966. The Twilights were second only to the Easybeats in popularity in Australia at this time. The band's line-up featured Terry Britten (future Grammy-winning composer of hits for Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz, among others) and Glenn Shorrock (future vocalist for Little River Band). The Twilights performed quite a few other Small Faces' songs in their live act, such as Lazy Sunday and Tin Soldier. They also did some Traffic & Cream numbers alongside their own very strong, Ango-inspired originals.
  • Jimmy Winston (original Small Faces keyboard player) & the Reflections on a single. (Available on a couple of recent Small Faces compilations)
  • Played by The Blue-Beats from Copenhagen in the mid-1960s.
  • Sandy Coast.

Talk to You

(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me?

  • Gumball on the CD Supertasty from 1993.
  • Apostolic Intervention on a 1966 Immediate single (Immediate 043). This is available on the Best of Immediate CD release

That Man

The Universal

Tin Soldier

  • Recorded by Paul Weller on the live video at Brixton.
  • Todd Rundgren on the LP The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect.
  • Other cover versions include Uriah Heep, Seven Eleven, Earthquake, Lou Gramm of Foreigner, King Ping Meh.
  • Chris Robinson, along with other members of The Black Crowes, has done a version of Tin Soldier. It is available on CD under the name of Foamfoot. The five minute version is an uptempo rocker. While Chris Robinson is not quite Steve, he still sings with much soul.
  • Covered by the Canadian band StreetHeart in the early 1980s and a minor hit.
  • Andrew McKeag notes that his band Shuggie covers Tin Soldier and it will be available on a CD in 1998 on Cargo Records.
  • The Guess Who played Tin Solider on the Canadian TV programme Let's Go in 1968.
  • The All Star Band featuring Steve Ellis at the Steve Marriott Memorial Concert in 2001 and on the CD.
  • The Paul Weller Connexion.
  • Chris Farlowe recorded Tin Soldier for a 3-CD anthology called Rock & Roll Soldier, due in 2004. The track was recorded in 1999 at the request of Andrew Loog Oldham and Tony Calder as part of a planned relaunch of the Immediate label. (See also All or Nothing).
  • The Jones Gang with Sam Brown at the Ronnie Lane Memorial 2004 on the DVD and CD.


  • Tony Jackson and the Vibrations in 1967 on an EP released in Portugal only and re-released on LP/CD Watch Your Step.
  • The Apemen from Germany on the live compilation CD Beat-o-Mania from 1995.
  • The Crooks on a 1979 single.
  • PP Arnold and Primal Scream on the tribute album Long Ago and Worlds Apart.
  • The Swedish group Tages on the 1966 album Extra Extra and on a single from 1967.
  • The Rangers on a 1967 Italian single called Non Scocciare.

What'Cha Gonna Do About It

  • Raising money for good causes on the Mod Aid 20 CD single. Check it out here
  • Covered by both the Sex Pistols and the Pretenders live and on record. The Sex Pistols version was a b-side while the Pretenders released it as a flexi-disc with Smash Hits magazine.
  • Rick Springfield used to play it live.
  • Also versions by The Boots (1966) and The Litter on the LP Distortions from 1967.
  • The New Zealand band Tom Thumb on a 1960s b-side.
  • The Evil from Florida covered this twice around 1966, once as a garage-punk record on the Living Legend label and a cleaned-up version for Capitol.
  • The Hitmakers from Copenhagen in 1966.
  • Cock Sparrer, a "street punk" band on the Rarities album.
  • The Swedish band Tages on the b-side of a 1965 single and on the 1968 album Forget Him.
  • Evil covered the song on Capitol Records in the 1960s.
  • Cilla Black on her 1965 album, Cilla.
  • Did the Beatles ever do a version?
  • Dennis Greaves at the Steve Marriott Memorial Concert in 2001 and on the CD. Also at the Small Faces Convention.
  • Wild Billy Childish's first band The Pop Rivets covered it in 1979 live. It can be found on his latest release: Billy Childish - 25 Years of Being Childish - Damaged Goods CD/LP (www.damagedgoods.co.uk). He also just released his 100th album with his latest group The Buff Medways. ww.thebillychildish.co
  • South Florida's sinister rock band band THE EVIL did an amazing version of the song in 1967. Originally came out on the Living Legend label in April of 1967 and then released on Capitol in October of 1967. The Capitol version took out the best part of the song - THE FEEDBACK!! Their version is even considered by some, BETTER than THE SMALL FACES version!!
  • The most recent version and maybe one of the most brutal ones (well I think The POP RIVETS version is pretty rough and tough!) is by DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE. This version can be found on the vinyl only EP titled "Andover, Duluth, London", released on Version City Records. They actually have a slight connection to Billy Childish. Dan Melchior has released a solo single on Billy's "Hangmen Records" label. They did a blues record together called Devil In The Flesh on Sympathy For The Record Industry. They have both recorded with several of the same people.
  • 17 Black with Dennis Greaves at the Ronnie Lane Memorial 2004 on the DVD and CD.

Wham Bam Thank You Mam

  • Mother Earth for the tribute album Long Ago and Worlds Apart. Available on the promo version but not on the album. However, it does appear on their third album You Have Been Watching.
  • Ocean Colour Scene at the Ronnie Lane Memorial 2004 on the DVD and CD.
  • The Swedish band Glucifer.
  • Ocean Colour Scene on their live album One for the Road issued in 2004.
  • Steve Marriott "covered" the song, albeit with changed lyrics, on the 1976 Marriott album that followed the demise of Humble Pie.

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