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Mustn't Grumble - The Small Faces Tribute Band

First news from Mike Kenny:

As it so happens I was in London (from Los Angeles) and attended the Mustn't Grumble gig at the Ruskin Arms. It took me quite a long time to get there as the Ruskin Arms is way out on the East End. Mustn't Grumble wasn't too bad. They were a new band and probably needed a bit more practice, but were great fun. The lead singer (who did not play guitar--the had a separate guitar player) had that Stevie Marriott hair cut that was parted in the middle and sort of hung in his face. He wore an amazing tight suit and really looked the part. They stuck with mostly Decca things like Shake, Understanding, and things like that. The Immediate songs that I remember were Mad John and My Mind's Eye.

It was really a fab time. I met a lot of Small Faces fans, one who just kept telling me how great it was to see this band doing songs on the same stage that the Small Faces first performed. And of course I was the oldest one there at 45 and remembering the Small Faces when their songs first hit America (Itchycoo Park). Most everyone else was young, but it was great to see so many people there. The whole thing was a celebration of Ronnie Lane's 50th birthday. I met the promoter whose name is Bob Morris. He was a great guy and a bunch of us went back to a flat and partied the rest of the night until morning, listening to the Small Faces and other such groups. At the end, Bob gave me an Ogden's shirt and a video tape of the Small Faces. It was a great evening, one that I will never forget.

Alex Garcia:

Mustn't Grumble is, as you know, a band settled by Small Faces's maniacs in order to cover there songs. The members come from other bands. the singer, called Trevor French, is the lead singer of THE KNAVE, a London-based band. the other members come from THE AARVARKS and DUTRONC. they play regularly around London, and will play in a European mod rally in La Rochelle, France, at the end of this month.

The Last Gig

Mustn't Grumble played their last gig at Hipsters in London on 14th June. The club was packed with '60s music fans many of whom were dressed in the authentic gear. The band came on at 11.30 and started with Shake. The other songs played were as follows: You Better Believe It, Understanding, Patterns, Mad John, All or Nothing, My Mind's Eye, Get Yourself Together, Song of a Baker, Tin Soldier, Rollin' Over with an encore of Understanding.

I thought they were excellent so hopefully they can be persuaded to keep going, particularly with the Small Faces revival well under-way.

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