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I've Got Mine / It's Too Late

Released: 5 November 1965

Label: Decca F12276

Highest Chart Position: None

The Small Faces second single for Decca and the follow-up to their top twenty hit, What'Cha Donna Do About It, was the excellent I've Got Mine penned by Steve and Ronnie.

The band mimed it for the film Dateline Diamonds. This was recorded at the Top Rank Ballroom in Watford on 7 October 1965. The Small Faces (including Jimmy Winston) miming the song in front of a happy crowd of dancers.

The number was a brooding piece of blue-eyed soul which the music press loved. However, the record buying public inexplicably ignored it.

It was because of I've Got Mine's failure that manager Don Arden lost faith in the Marriott/Lane songwriting team, prompting him to bring in Kenny Lynch to pen their next single, which was to be Sha La La La Lee.

The Small Faces were always fond of I've Got Mine and actually went on to use its backing track for the Instrumental Ogden's Nut Gone Flake from the album of the same name. I've Got Mine's failure to chart adds to its rarity value with Steve delivering a gruff vocal on the single.

The flip side, It's Too Late, was another band original, which was similar in style and content to The Who's The Good's Gone (which turned up a month later on their debut LP My Generation) and also had flashed of Booker T and the MGs. The hybrid of these two bands showed firmly where the Small Faces influences were coming from at the time.

(Thank you to Darlings of Wapping Wharf Launderette)

Collector's Info

France: I've Got Mine/Sha La La La Lee/Grow Your Own/It's Too Late 1966 EP (Decca 4572106), Reissued by Eva in 1991 (Eva 705)

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