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Ronnie Lane Tribute Concert

The Ruskin Arms Public House

386 High Street North, Manor Park, London E12

Sunday 14th September 1997


  • Russ and the Fake Faces
  • The Phrogs
  • Keith Smart (Ronnie Lane Tribute)
  • Mustn't Grumble
  • Guest DJs
  • Memorabilia
It seemed like just a few months earlier that we had gathered at the Ruskin Arms in Manor Park for the first Small Faces Convention. Now we were back in the pub where the Small Faces practised and where Jimmy Winston once lived to celebrate the life and work of the late Ronnie Lane who had died on June 4th 1997. Once again, there was a full turnout not just of Small Faces fans but also those who lived his later work with The Faces and Slim Chance. Some of Ronnie's family were there as was Steve Marriott's sister Kay. Stan Lane told us all that a big celebration was being planned for next April 1st on Ronnie's birthday, not a sombre affair but a big "piss-up" just how Ronnie would have liked it.

The evening started with an appearance by Mustn't Grumble, the Small Faces tribute band looking somewhat different from how I remember seeing them last year. They ran through a repertoire of Small Faces songs including a brave attempt at Happiness Stan. Other highlights were Tin Soldier, naturally, and Patterns.

After a short break, we were treated to Southend's finest The Phrogs. (Anyone know of forthcoming gigs?) This is band well worth seeing again and they added in many Small Faces songs. Again we heard Ogden's material Rollin' Over and The Journey. Steve Ellis of Love Affair joined the band on stage, I think for What'Cha Gonna Do About It.

The Small Faces section was over and the following bands were to play later Ronnie Lane material. I had to leave at this point so can anyone tell me more? 

Special thanks to John Hellier and Dean Powell for organising the event and to the staff of the Ruskin Arms for endurance.

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