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Westmoreland Terrace

22 Westmoreland Terrace was rented for the Small Faces by their manager at the time, Don Arden. Steve, Ronnie and Mac lived here although Kenney preferred to stay with his parents in Stepney.

Steve, Ronnie and Mac moved here at the on 24 December 1965 and stayed for one year leaving on 24 December 1966. Many of the songs from during this period were written at 22 Westmoreland Terrace. They had an Austrian housekeeper called Liesel who later became housekeeper for Ronnie Wood.

One of the rooms was taken up by a giant Scalextric track. They used to race the cars for hours and Ronnie was the expert according to Steve. Ronnie's brother Stan Lane managed to produce extra-fast models.

Brian Epstein had his first LSD trip here when he visited during a spell of depression.

"It was Party Central"
Ian McLagan
  • Nearest tube: Pimlico

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