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The Mod Scene

Decca 844 549-2

Released: 1999

Track Listing 

  1. Quik- Bert's Apple Crumble
  2. Hipster Image- Make Her Mine
  3. The Poets- That's The Way It's Gotta Be
  4. Wards of Court- How Could You Say One Thing
  5. Graham Gouldman- Stop, Stop, Stop
  6. Alan Kelly- If Your Love Don't Swing
  7. Timebox- Girl Don't Let Me Wait
  8. Mockingbirds- Lovingly Yours
  9. Amen Corner- Expressway to Your Heart
  10. Attack- We Don't Know
  11. Chris Farlowe- Air Travel
  12. Graham Bond Organisation- Little Girl
  13. Outer Limits- Just One More Chance
  14. Ronnie Jones & The Nightimers- I Need Your Loving
  15. Small Faces- Grow Your Own
  16. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band- Walking the Dog
  17. Steve Aldo- Baby What You Do To Me
  18. Tom Jones- Dr Love
  19. Jimmy Winston and His Reflections- It's Not What You Do
  20. Habits- Elbow Baby
  21. Score- Beg me
  22. Loose Ends- That's It
  23. St Louis Union- East Side Story
  24. Paul & Barry Ryan- There You Go
  25. Eyes of Blue- Supermarket Full of Cans

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