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The Moments

  • Steve Marriott- keyboards, vocals
  • John Weider- guitar
  • Jimmy Winston- Bass
  • Kenny Rowe- Drums

The Frantics were formed in late 1963. This band became the Moments who were sometimes called Steve Marriott and the Moments. They were very successful in the East End of London and Essex. The Moments were said to be a regular attraction at the Attic Club in Hounslow. Adrienne Posta, the actress who starred in Up the Junction amongst other things, used to occasionally guest with the Moments on stage including a cover of Twist & Shout.

Pete Meaden, the manager of the High Numbers/The Who claimed to have been their manager briefly. Steve Marriott played keyboards not guitar in the Moments. There is some doubt about the line-up of the group. Some reports credit members as including Sean Buckley as guitarist, Vince Nicholls as drummer but, according to Record Collector, Buckley fronted a band called The Breadcrumbs with Nicholls on guitar. They released a UK single called It Hurts me When I Cry.

We all know what happened to Steve. Jimmy Winston joined the Small Faces on keyboards and lasted one single. He later made a few solo records. John Weider had a spell with Eric Burdon and the Animals while Kenny Rowe joined Capability Brown in the 1970s.

The Single

You Really Got Me/Money Money was released in October 1964 on World Artists records. Steve Marriott's third outing on vinyl came in the shape of this British Beat oddity from 1964, with his group The Moments.

This single was never available in Britain as it was intended purely for the American market in a desperate attempt to beat the Kinks to the US charts. The Moments lost this battle though.

You Really Got Me broke ground for the Kinks stateside due to its driving beat and its Louie Louie styled stop and start rhythm but the Moments' version dive-bombed into obscurity. To be fair, the Moments' version is pretty tinny due bad production and one can see how it didn't make the charts.

This leads us to the b-side which is a different story altogether. Money Money is a handsome slice of embryonic British r 'n' b complete with harmonica, finger clicks and Steve's first recorded yell of "Come on children"! Money Money was written by Alan Caddy, who had previously been with the Tornados, and Don Charles. They had separated from Joe Meek to form their own production company called World Artists.

Definitely the better of the two sides and a taster for what was to come a year later when the Small Faces first crashed into the charts.

Incidentally, You Really Got Me is one of Steve's biggest rarities. Record Collector valued it at 75 mint and the price tag has undoubtedly risen since then. By the way, Record Collector named the flipside as "Unknown" because, according to their sources, no-one could remember it and no-one had come across a copy! So now you know.

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