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Ronnie Lane 1946-1997

Room for Ravers Tributes

I have been shocked after hearing Ronnie's death. How deep I love his music! I went to Austin, Texas and went to Kawasaki Club Chitta to see Ronnie's performance in 1990. It was so great that I won't forget that moment I saw Ronnie singing with Ian. Hope that Ian, Ron, Rod, Kenney, and Tetsu reform the faces to celebrate Ronnie's birthday sometime.

Masatoshi Shoji, USA

"Peace, peace. He is not dead but has awakened from his dream of life." Goodbye, Ronnie. Thank you for so much.

Bob Mabray

Ronnie Lane is my hero. That's why I picked up the bass guitar and why I got a semi-acoustic electric bass guitar. I still remember the day I Played Afterglow with that instrument. I also remember that I rearranged the bass line of a song of William Bell in the "PLONK" manner and enjoyed playing it on stage. I will never forget you. You will live in our mind forever.

Akira Morishita

Didn't hear about Plonk's passing 'til I hit your site. I'm sad for him, but after so many years fighting MS and having his life derailed by it, I'm glad he's finally free.

Tonight, I put on the title track from Ooh La La for the first time in years---that, and remembered a man who gave rock a class that defied the trends of the day. RIP, Ronnie Lane.

Joshua Blinder

My name is Beezer Hill. I'm 35,a singer, songwriter, Guitarist. My band, The Gladrags, do Pool Hall Richard by The Faces and I was inspired at the age of 12 to play Rock n Roll with swagger after hearing Tin Soldier by The Small Faces Ronnie Lane was a Brilliant musician, and he's left behind a body of work for generations to groove on...in the future,

Love Beezer

We would like to offer our condolences to the world of rock and roll for the loss of the great Ronnie Lane.

Hope he rocks heaven with Steve like he did here on earth.


Daniel Bruce & Ian Wilson

Victoria, Australia.

When I heard about Ronnie's death on Wednesday I was saddened, but at least he's out of his misery, when I heard about his death I immediately thought about the beautiful picture at the beginning of the book- The Young Mod's Forgotten Story.

One of the first pictures of Steve & Ronnie when they first met, & they were both laughing, & that's how I'll remember him. I bet that Ronnie & Steve are having a laugh again, up there somewhere. Thanks for all of the great music.

Gary Chong, Sunset Beach, California

I was stunned to hear of Ronnie's passing. He's at peace now, up there with his old mate Steve, having a pint and gigging. Cheers to the two of you, and God Bless.

Alan Rockman

Stumbled in from the cold looking to down one for Ronnie.

Eric the G-Man , Canada

Farewell old friend-now he can leave on a Debris.

Trevor Dare

I have a friend in a band, recently diagnosed with MS. I knew about Ronnie and wanted to read a little about his thoughts and the thoughts of those close to him, about this cruel disease and its effects on his life in music.

Lynn Dixon

I was really sad to read the news today that Ronnie Lane died June 4th, I guess of MS-related problems. I'm mailing the article from our paper to John Hellier in England. What a loss. But now--he is no longer a "useless cripple"--but is free from that MS-plagued body of his. He will never be sick again. But it was still sad to read of his passing, I hope to do a Ronnie/Small Faces tribute show on my radio program in the next few weeks. Small Faces fans are mourning everywhere now. Just wanted you to know. Bye,

Martha Copeland

I became to know about plonk's death from Japanese newspaper. Hope he was happy through his long life as a musician.


Ayaka Noguchi

Any idea as to how to send condolences to Ronnie Lane's wife in Colarado? He was such a great writer, thinker, musician.

Pat Hudson

First Marriott and now Ronnie. I grew up on these fellow's music and what a shame. Itchycoo Park Forever.

Dan Schreffler

Ronnie fought a long, hard battle but now at last, he is at peace. Like Mac said, I hope he is shuffling across a stage.

Susan Howard

So sad about Ronnie, but so glad I found ya!

Kevin Walsh

God bless Ronnie Lane.

Martin Knight

I'm really sad. The first time I decide to seek for information about Who, Kinks, Chords, Faces,...and I find that Ronnie died just yesterday.

Ronnie, thank you for make me feel so good with Small Faces and Faces.

Pepito Grillo

I have a rock program on FM radio at Osaka Japan on this Sunday. I have a time for Mr.Ronnie.

thanks Mr.Ronnie. We don't forget you!

Isao Matsui

Ronnie, may he rest in peace

Kathy Boemer

Just heard about plonk...I've got fond memories of him singing Ooh La La with Ron Wood here in 1991. At least he's out of the chair now...he'll be missed. Over and off.


I just saw on CNN, the sad news. One can only be thankful that he is out of pain now. Damn, I'll miss him. Thank God we have the music, both with bands, and solo work..I also have a few live tapes of his, in NYC & Austin.

I don't know what else to say...his music means so much to me.


J. Tashjian

Very sorry to hear of Ronnie Lane's passing today.

I was living in London in 1967 & 1968 and as a result will forever be a big Small Faces fan.

Douglas Jaffe

Burlington, Vermont

I have just heard of the death of Ronnie Lane and I am, quite honestly, shattered. I have been a Small Faces fan for quite a few years and think their music is fabulous.

I play the bass guitar and Ronnie was one of my inspirations and heroes. I don't think that the Small Faces could have been the same without him and the albums he produced with Slim Chance were also brilliant. Being only 17 I never got to see the band play and I was hoping that Ronnie would recover enough to play the guitar again. His death is a great tragedy but his music will last forever.

Katie White.

Heard that Ronnie Lane left the stage at the age of 51. He was a true hero of mine. Leaving Faces for a travelling circus. That's rock and roll. Sad about his disease, but the man leaves many a fine memory!

Janne Beckman, Orsa, Sweden

RIP Ronnie Lane

Ian Pearce

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