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The VIPs

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Greg Ridley - bass/vocals, Frank Kenyon - guitar, Mike Harrison - piano/vocals, Walter Johnstone - drums, James Henshaw - keyboards

In Carlisle Greg Ridley and Mike Harrison started in Dino and the Danubes (Ridley was Dino) before moving on to the Ramrods. They then joined the VIPs in 1963. Mike Kellie replaced Johnstone on drums in 1996 when the former left with Henshaw and Kenyon. Luther Grosvenor (guitar and vocals) then joined. Keith Emerson was briefly a member before forming the Nice.

The VIPs recorded a single Wintertime for the CBS label before moving to Island and releasing three more singles. Wintertime may have been recorded under the name of the Vipps. There was also a US-only single Mercy Mercy as well as an EP available in Europe only.

The VIPs then became Art for a brief period in 1967 before becoming Spooky Tooth.

Keith Emerson died at home in 2016.

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