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The Big Three

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Johnny Hutchinson - drums, Johnny Gustafson - bass, Adrian Barber - lead guitar, vocals

Cass & the Casanovas were formed in 1959. Before the year was out, Johnny Hutchinson had replaced Brian Hudson on drums and Gustafson was brought in on bass guitar, initially borrowing the instrument from Barber who converted an acoustic guitar. The band played an audition for Larr

y Parnes in May 1960 with Hutchinson replacing Tommy Moore of the Silver Beetles who had failed to turn up.

Brian Casser who had been playing rhythm guitar left the band in December 1960 prompting the name change to The Big Three. After signing to Brian Epstein's agency the band went to Hamburg at which point Barber left the band. He was replaced by Brian Griffiths. Epstein arranged an audition with Decca Records which then released Some Other Guy as a single despite the band being unhappy with it.

The band then went through a series of personnel changes following a split from Brian Epstein in July 1963.

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