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Cat Stevens

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Cat Stevens - guitar / vocals

Cat Stevens was born Steven Georgiou and was discovered by Mike Hurst of the Springfields. After the first single I Love My Dog Stevens had two major self-penned hits with Matthew & Son and I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun. Matthew & Son was his biggest hit reaching number 2 in the UK while the debut LP of the same name reached the top ten.

Stevens toured extensively including UK package tours with Jimi Hendrix and Englebert Humperdink.

Cat Stevens was also making his name as a writer, most notably with First Cut is the Deepest for PP Arnold and Here Comes by Baby for The Tremeloes. The former appeared on his second LP New Masters which did not match the success of the debut album.

Later singles and LPs were less successful then he was struck down with TB in 1969. During his hospital spell and long convalescence he questioned many aspects of life and this led to a major change in his writing. During the 1970s, Steven's recorded classic albums such as Tea for the Tillerman.

He later converted by Islam and changed his name to Yusuf Islam.

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