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Dave Dee - vocals

Dave Dee (real name David Harman) started his career as a police cadet and he attended the car crash in which Eddie Cochrane was killed. After this incident he formed a group in Salisbury called The Boppers who were later known as the Beatniks, the Bostons and then Dave Dee & The Bostons. Following the path of many UK groups, Dave Dee & the Bostons took the road to Hamburg where they had a residency at the Top Ten followed by the Star Club. When they returned to the UK the name was changed to Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick & Tich.

The band signed to Fontana and their third single You Make It Move was the first to enter the charts in 1966. A string of classic hits followed with the undoubted highlight being The Legend of Xanadu.

Dave Dee left the band in 1970. After a small solo hit in 1970, he moved into music management. Later on, he fronted Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mich & Tich again.

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Dave Dee died after a three-year battle with cancer in January 2009.

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