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Mike Rutherford - bass, guitar, Tony Banks - keyboards, Peter Gabriel - vocals, flute, Anthony Phillips - guitar, Chris Stewart - drums

Genesis were very much part of the progressive rock scene in the 1970s and later one of the UK's top pop bands. However, the band's roots were in the 1960s when the members of the group were pupils at Charterhouse school. Mike Rutherford and Anthony (Ant) Phillips had been in a band called The Anon and they were supported in a school show by The Garden Wall which included Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks. The two bands united to record a demo for Decca and were signed by a former Charterhouse pupil Jonathan King.

The band's first single on Decca Silent Sun was released in February 1968. The debut album on Decca was From Genesis to Revelation although this was not a major success. Recorded in August 1968 at Regent Studios and released in March 1969, King intended that the album was a concept album. Chris Stewart left during the recording and was replaced by John Silver. Following the lack of success of the single and the album Genesis parted with Jonathan King as manager and left Decca Records. However, King has reissued the first album in a number of guises since without the support of the band.

Silver was replaced by John Mayhew during 1969 before the recording the band's second album, 1970's Trespass. Mayhew himself left in 1970 to be replaced by Phil Collins. Collins had previously been in a band called Flaming Youth. Phillips also left during 1970.

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