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Jet Harris & Tony Meehan

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Guitar - Terence "Jet" Harris, drums - Tony Meehan

Jet Harris and Tony Meehan left the Shadows at the height of their popularity. Tony Meehan had planned to move into the A&R (Artist & Repertoire) side of the music business with Decca while Jet Harris saw a possible future as a solo star due to his ability on guitar, as opposed to bass in the Shadows, and his popularity with the female members of the Shadows' audience.

Jet Harris operated initially as a solo artist with hits such as Besame Mucho and The Man With the Golden Arm.  

After the singles under his own name, Jet Harris linked up with Tony Meehan in the All Stars tour of 1963 with their first single together, Diamonds, going to number one in the UK singles charts for three weeks. Jimmy Page was featured as a session player on acoustic guitar in Diamonds. This had a similar sound to the Shadows and, presumably, enabled the duo to tap into the Shadows' fan base. Further hits followed with Scarlett O'Hara and Applejack before Jet Harris was injured in a car crash. This led to a premature end to Harris' career. Tony Meehan continued with the Tony Meehan Combo before returning to his A&R career and some part-time work as a session musician.

Harris later resumed a music career including in a Shadows tribute band and released several albums through the '90s.

However, Tony Meehan was killed in an accident at home in November 2005. Jet Harris died after a battle with throat cancer in March 2011.

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