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The Meddy Evils

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Roy Roberts - guitar / saxophone, Tony Benson - vocals, Roger - keyboards, John Roberts - bass guitar, Martin Smith - drums

The Meddy Evils (also known as The MeddyEVILS) were one of the major bands on the Southampton scene in the mid-1960s. They evolved out of the Skylanes who were playing instrumentals. Tony Benson (Tony Hole) joined on vocals and the band's name was changes to Tony Benson & the Skylanes. They changed the drummer and replaced the rhythm guitarist with a keyboard player, changing their name to the Meddy Evils.

One year after their love debut the band auditioned for Pye Records and were offered a recording contract. The band released two singles, Find Somebody to Love and It's All for You, neither of which reached the charts. The band toured extensively around the UK, often supporting big name acts. Prior to a European tour Tony Benson lost his voice and their regular support acts, the Troggs, hit the big time. The Meddy Evils were popular on the local mod scene including gigs at the Southampton Mod-Balls with the Fleurs de Lys.

When the group split Martin Smith joined Gentle Giant, John Roberts persisted with the New Meddy Evils and was joined by former Fleurs de Lys keyboard player Alex Chamberlain along with Pete Hunt and Bruce Roberts. The band evolved in the Quik who released the cult classic Bert's Apple Crumble.

In April 2021, Solution Records released both Meddy Evils b-sides on a 7" single

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