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Ollie Halsall - vibraphone / guitar, Chris Holmes - piano / organ, Kevan Fogarty - lead guitar / vocals, Clive Griffiths - bass guitar, Geoff Dean - drums

Timebox originated from Southport in 1965. They were originally known as The Take 5. After turning professional and moving to London they appeared on a number of package tours with the Small Faces, the Kinks and others. American singer Richard Henry and they changed their name to Timebox. Shortly after they released their debut single I Will Always Love You on Piccadilly Records. Henry then left as did Geoff Dean. Dean was replaced on drums by Andy Petre. Mike Patto also joined on vocals and as songwriter. Petre also left after the second single with John Halsey joining on drums.

The band moved to Deram and had a minor hit with their cover of the Four Seasons' Beggin'. This has since become a Northern Soul classic.

Patto, Halsey, Halsall and Griffths formed Patto while Halsey and Halsell became involved with the Rutles.

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