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The Beat Merchants

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Bass - Geoff Farndell, vocals - Chris Boyle, drums - Vic Sendall, rhythm guitar/harmonica - Gavin Daneski, lead guitar - Ralph Worman. 

The Beat Merchants were a West Sussex band that released two singles during their existence from 1964-1966. The band was originally known as Peter & the Hustlers. Some of the original demo tracks recorded by Peter & the Hustlers are available on an EP issued with the compilation The Beats Go On. Vic Sendall replaced Les Rogers on drums after the latter broke his leg in a motorcycle accident. The group undertook a nationwide tour joining well-known names such as the Applejacks, the Honeycombs, Lulu and Gene Vincent. Chris Boyle replaced original vocalist Pete Toal who had decided to emigrate to Australia. 

The new group easily won the National Boys' Club Competition in Brighton with a version of Berry's Come On and a Bo Diddley track. This was despite the loudness of the group. By mid-1964 the number of gigs across the South East of England encouraged the band to turn professional. A recording test for EMI at Abbey Road studios followed although the band signed to EMI/Columbia. The first single Pretty Face reached number 44 in the Melody Maker chart. The b-side was Muddy Waters' Messin' With The Man. This single was promoted on TV's Thank Your Lucky Stars. The next single was called So Fine which reached number 41 in the UK charts. This highlighted the development that the band had made through intensive touring around the country. In the US, So Fine was issued as the b-side to Freddie & the Dreamers' You Were Made for Me. This helped gain the band critical exposure (and royalties!) 

The Beat Merchants played on Beat Room, a BBC TV programme that was not only live but was the first pop show to be broadcast in colour. 

Ralph Worman also decided to emigrate but to Canada. He was replaced by Rick MacEvoy. Farndall left briefly due to illness. His temporary replacement was highly professional and there was some discord about whether Farndell should be brought back. In the end both the replacement bass player and Rick MacEvoy who had brought him in were asked to leave. Alan Piggott came in on lead guitar. Chris Boyle was also ousted as it was felt he had never fully fitted in with the others. Geoff Farndell and Gavin Daneski then shared lead vocals. The band was dropped by Colombia which, by now, had the record contract. The four-piece went into the studio and recorded demos of songs written by Farndell and Daneski although a new record contract proved elusive. 

The band split at the end of a tour around various European countries. Farndell and Sendall tried again as Permissive Society but by the end of the 1960s, all the band members had returned to a "normal" life.

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