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Led Zeppelin

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Vocals- Robert Plant, guitar- Jimmy Page, bass- John-Paul Jones, drums- John Bonham

Jimmy Page was the holder of the Yardbirds' flame and originally recruited new band members to tour as the New Yardbirds. Chris Dreja had originally intended to remain in the band and Terry Reid was to be recruited as vocalist. however, Dreja opted to become a photographer. However, he had just been signed by Mickie Most as a solo artist. Most recommended Robert Plant. He had been a band called Band of Joy with John Bonham. When Page saw Bonham play he was straight into the band. John-Paul Jones had been a session musician, like Page, and was recruited on bass guitar. This line-up toured Scandinavia as The New Yardbirds but it was decided that a name change was appropriate as the band was no longer the Yardbirds. Keith Moon is credited with naming the band.

The first album released in February 1969 was recorded in just 30 hours. This was more or less a studio version of what had already become an exceptional live show. Dazed and Confused remained from Yardbirds days but other tracks included covers of folk and blues songs. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You was taken from the Joan Baez version, for example.

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