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Patrick Campbell-Lyons, Alex Spyropoulos

Nirvana was a duo where the two member splayed a number of instruments between them. Although Campbell-Lyons was Irish and Sptropoulos Greek, the met in London during 1966 and decided to form a band. Not to be confused with the Seattle band of the same name from many years later, the earlier and British version released three excellent albums during the 1960s and a string of singles, of which Rainbow Chaser was a minor hit. Patrick Campbell-Lyons had previously been in a band called Second Thoughts.

Nirvana's first album, The Story of Simon Simopath, could claim to be one of rock music's first concept albums. It contained a number of more commercial tracks including We Can Help You which was issued as a single by the Alan Bown Set.

Rainbow Chaser from the second album gave Nirvana a 34-place in the charts. This was one of the first examples of phasing used on a record and is probably Nirvana's best-known track.

Increasingly Nirvana became a vehicle for Patrick Campbell-Lyons while Spyropoulos branched into film and television work. Dedicated to Markos III from 1970 only sold a few hundred copies in promo-only form and is rare although it has now been issued on CD.

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