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All or Nothing The Mod Musical

The Album

Release date: 2017

The Small Faces:

  • Sam Pope - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Stanton Wright - bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Alex Gold - Hammond, wurlitzer, 12 string acoustic, backing vocals
  • Stefan Edwards - drums
  • Sophia Benn - backing vocals on Rene, Afterglow / Tin Soldier, Here Come the Nice

With two years of touring the UK it is about time for a soundtrack album for All or Nothing. The musical has won acclaim for its accuracy in portraying the story of the Small Faces and, in particular, Steve Marriott. All the young actors who have played and sung the classic tracks recorded long before they were even born have done justice to the originals. They have not only performed the songs accurately but they have also displayed considerable passion while doing so. This is not just great acting but it shows a great understanding of the songs as well as the strength of the originals.

The cast album has been put together by the Small Faces line-up that has been touring during 2017. The classic songs are interspersed with snippets of dialogue from the show. This is a superb idea, placing the songs into context and providing a real flavour of the musical. Although it is not intended as an impersonation, close your eyes and you can genuinely believe you are listening to Steve Marriott talking when Chris Simmons narrates.

All the "hits" are included as well as some album tracks and a few items from the concept album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake. Marriott even explains how the title of the album came about for those who did not know!

This is not only an excellent souvenir of a wonderful evening at the theatre but it is also ideal if you have not been able to see the show. Yes, the musical is that good and well worth seeing when it is on tour.

The album is available on CD or vinyl at the theatres or on-line at https://rocknrollprods.myshopify.com/blogs/cast-recording.

Track Listing:

  1. Rollin' Over
  2. Alexandra Palace 1968
  3. Rene
  4. We are the Mods
  5. You Need Loving
  6. The Al Capone of Pop
  7. What'Cha Gonna Do About It
  8. I've Got Mine
  9. Musical Tension
  10. Sha La La La Lee
  11. Jenny
  12. I'm Only Dreaming
  13. 1966
  14. All or Nothing
  15. Pop Pickers
  16. Hey Girl
  17. F*** the Artist
  18. Itchycoo Park
  19. The Beautiful Brown Angel
  20. Afterglow / Tin Soldier
  21. Glorious Shenanigans
  22. Lazy Sunday
  23. Ogden's
  24. Happiness Stan
  25. No One's Smiling
  26. Rollin' Over
  27. Don't Be Famous
  28. All or Nothing (reprise)
  29. Here Come the Nice (bonus track)

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