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Ronnie Lane

Just for a Moment - Music 1973-1997

Release Date: 17 May 2019


Making Time Review May 2019:

Ronnie Lane played in two great bands, the Small Faces and the Faces, before deciding to give up the rock & roll lifestyle for a gentler country life, producing music that was closer to country folk than the soul and near-psychedelia of the Small Faces or the pub rock of the Faces. This included moving to a farmhouse in the Welsh hills where Slim Chance would rehearse and record. Regular visits to the local pub would even end up with Lane worse for wear and jamming on stage with visiting friends such as Eric Clapton. What was clear was that Ronnie had made his name, written some great songs and proved himself. It was now time to get away from the pressures of the music business, the rock & roll lifestyle and two "overbearing" singers.

Living more of a gypsy lifestyle he created the Passing Show. This was intended as a multimedia experience with music and circus acts performed in a tent and touring the country. This was artistically ambitious and a commercial disaster. Later Lane moved to the US, initially Austin Texas and then Colorado. He continued to write and perform despite developing MS. He died in Colorado in 1997.

This six-CD collection collects much of Ronnie Lane's work since the Faces including all four regular albums, live and demo tracks, songs from the collaboration with Pete Townshend Rough Mix as well as Slim Chance. There are reworked Faces tracks such as Ooh La La, Glad & Sorry and You're So Rude but only one Small Faces track, a live version of All or Nothing. This is a wonderful overview of Ronnie's post Faces output that covers the whole period and with well-known tracks mixed in with lesser-known pieces and alternative versions. There are also later tracks from Ronnie's time in the US.

After leaving the Faces, Ronnie Lane's music took a completely different tack. Although the influences are clear, they are varied but they end up helping to create a cohesive Ronnie Lane sound. This is a mix of folk and country with a bit of rock & roll getting in there too. He remained a prolific writer with a number of albums under his name or Slim Chance. He also collaborated with Pete Townshend on Rough Mix and with former Faces bandmate Ronnie Wood on Mahoney's Last Stand. Tracks from both of these are available in this set.

As a solo artist Lane only had the one major hit single with How Come and there are several versions of this here. The Poacher is a classic track that would have been a massive hit but only reached 36 due to unusual circumstances preventing it rising higher. Likewise the excellent Rough Mix with Townshend was less successful. Despite being critically acclaimed it was not promoted by the record company at the time.

Lane was a prolific writer (and drinker) on his farm in Wales and, apart from Slim Chance, regular visitor would include Eric Clapton who co-wrote some of the songs on Lane's second album for example the excellent Barcelona. The quiet of the countryside was great for writing and playing this new type of music with the state-of-the-art Lane's Mobile Studio capturing the output for posterity. Sessions frequently finished in the local pub where Lane, Clapton and others would jam in the corner. Eric Clapton even wrote Wonderful Tonight for Patti while staying on the farm.

Disc five is particularly interesting as it includes a complete Rockpalast concert from 1980. The show was a regular live concert broadcast on German WDR television. This live appearance shows that Ronnie Lane was still a hot live act. Songs played include the wonderful Flags & Banners and Kuschty Rye alongside the Faces favourite You're So Rude.

The final disc of the set covers Lane's time in the US, mostly in Austin where he was living at the time but also with tracks from a brief Japanese trip. We had continued to play until his MS prevented him from doing so. Faces tracks surfacing here include You're So Rude, Ooh La La, Debris and Glad & Sorry. However, Rough Mix is also revisited here with Annie and Nowhere to Run. However, the only Small Faces track here is All or Nothing from a John Peel session of 1976. This is despite the plethora of fine material he wrote at the time.

Even though he had moved away from the public eye. Lane had continued to produce wonderful, soulful music although it was very different from his previous band outings. The regard in which he was held as a writer, performer and as a person is evident from the collaborations with Clapton, Townshend, Wood and others.

Comprehensive sleeve notes focus on Ronnie the musician, the songwriter, the collaborator and split the post 1973 period into three distinct parts. Writers are Paolo Hewitt, Kris Needs and Kent Benjamin covering Ronnie’s Austin years, whilst The Who’s Pete Townshend contributes a foreword on his former best friend and collaborator
The six discs housed in a hard-back book with outer slipcase. The package also includes a book of Ronnie’s lyrics and an A2 fold out poster.

This is pretty much a broad and near complete overview of Ronnie Lane's work after the Faces. There are also many tracks that have not been released previously and this makes the whole package a worthwhile addition to any music collection.

Disc One

  1. Careless Love

  2. Don't You Cry For Me

  3. Bye and Bye (Gonna See The King)

  4. Silk Stockings

  5. The Poacher

  6. Roll on Babe

  7. Tell Everyone

  8. Amelia Earhart's Last Flight

  9. Anymore for Anymore

  10. Only A Bird in a Gilded Cage

  11. Chicken Wired

  12. How Come (Single)

  13. Done This One Before (Single B-Side)

  14. From the Late to the Early

  15. Just for a Moment

  16. How Come (Alternate Studio Take)

  17. Ooh La La (John Peel Session 11.12.1973)

  18. Debris (BBC In Concert 23.4.1974)

  19. Flags and Banners (Live at the Thames Hotel 11.12.1973)

  20. Last Orders  (Live at the Thames Hotel 11.12.1973)

  21. I'll Fly Away

Disc Two

  1. Little Piece of Nothing

  2. Stone

  3. A Bottle of Brandy

  4. Street Gang

  5. Anniversary

  6. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

  7. I'm Just a Country Boy

  8. Ain't No Lady

  9. Blue Monday

  10. Give Me a Penny

  11. You Never Can Tell

  12. Tin and Tambourine

  13. Single Saddle

  14. Brother Can You Spare a Dime? (Island single)

  15. What Went Down (That Night With You) (Island Single)

  16. Lovely (Single B-Side)

  17. Roll on Babe (BBC In Concert 13.12.1974)

  18. Sweet Virginia (John Peel Session 19.11.1974

  19. Walk on By (BBC Live in Concert 12.2.1976)

  20. You're So Rude (Live Victoria Palace 16.3.1975)

  21. From the Late to the Early (Lost) / How Come (Live Victoria Palace 16.3.1975)

  22. What Went Down (That Night With You) (Island Single Outtake)

Disc Three

  1. Don't Try 'n' Change My Mind

  2. 32nd Street

  3. Snake

  4. Burnin' Summer

  5. One for the Road

  6. Steppin' An' Reelin' (The Wedding)

  7. Harvest Home

  8. Nobody's Listening

  9. G'Morning

  10. April Fool

  11. Annie

  12. Nowhere To Run

  13. Silly Little Man

  14. Cat Melody

  15. Last Orders (Well Well Hello, Slow Version)

  16. Lonely

  17. Under My Nose

  18. Feeling Like a Lion

  19. Going West

Disc Four

  1. One Step

  2. Good Ol' Boys Boogie

  3. Lad's Got Money

  4. She's Leaving

  5. Barcelona

  6. Kuschty Rye

  7. Don't Tell Me Now

  8. You're So Right

  9. Only You

  10. Winning With Women

  11. Way Up Yonder

  12. Three Cool Cats (See Me Outtake)

  13. The Wanderer (The R&B Sessions)

  14. Rocket '69 (The R&B Sessions)

  15. The Joint is Jumpin' (The R&B Sessions)

  16. Annie Had a Baby (The R&B Sessions)

  17. Pisshead Blues (Fishpool Sessions)

  18. Barcelona (Demo)

  19. Three Cool Cats (Demo)

Disc Five

  1. Rats Tale (Catmelody) (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  2. Flags & Banners (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  3. Annie Had a Baby (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  4. How Come (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  5. You're So Rude (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  6. Lad's Got Money (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  7. Kuschty Rye (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  8. Man Smart, Woman Smarter (Live at Rockpalast 3.3.1980)

  9. Debris (Ronnie Lane's Big Dipper) (Live at Capital Radio 29.5.1981)

  10. Around the World (Grow Too Old) (Fishpool Sessions 1977)

  11. Last Night (Fishpool Sessions 1977)

  12. All or Nothing (John Peel 15.1.1976)

  13. Bomber's Moon (The Merton Sessions Early 1981)

  14. Last Tango in NATO (The Merton Sessions Early 1981)

  15. Silly LIttle Man (Fishpool Sessions)

  16. She's Leaving (I Can Hear Her Singing) (Demo)

  17. Lovely (Outtake)

  18. Rats Tales (Catmelody) (Fishpool Sessions)

Disc Six

  1. Ooh La La (Live in Texas 1988)

  2. Rio Grande (Bombers Moon) (Live in Texas)

  3. Nowhere to Run (Live KLBJ 12.89)

  4. Annie (Live KLBJ 14.2.89)

  5. Buddy Can You Spare a Dime? (Live KLBJ 22.12.1987)

  6. You're So Rude (Live at KUT 1988)

  7. Dirty Rice (Featuring the Tremors with Bobby Keys) (The Back Room Austin 12.5.1987)

  8. Winning with Women (KUT 1988)

  9. Ooh La La (Live in Texas 1987)

  10. Don't Try 'n' Change My Mind (Live in Japan)

  11. Glad & Sorry (Live in Japan)

  12. Just for a Moment (Live in Japan)

  13. Spiritual Babe (Demo) (Houston)

  14. King of the Lazy World (1992 Studio Session)

  15. Peaches (Arlyn Studio Sessions January 1989)

  16. Sally Ann (Arlyn Studio Sessions January 1989)

  17. Spiritual Babe (Arlyn Studio Sessions January 1989)

  18. Heart of Oak (Arlyn Studio Sessions January 1989)

  19. Strongbears Daughter (Arlyn Studio Sessions January 1989)


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