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I Need Your Love (Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle)

Steve Marriott

Released: August 2013

Wapping Wharf

A very special CD including some of the final tracks that Steve Marriott recorded as well as his earliest pre-Small Faces tracks.


Track Listing:

Disc One

  1. Louisiana Blues
  2. Nobody But You
  3. You're a Heartbreaker
  4. Street Rat
  5. Bluegrass Interval
  6. Signed Sealed
  7. Saylavee
  8. Brown Man Do
  9. Wossname
  10. My Lover's Prayer
  11. Baby Don't Do It
  12. Restless Blood
  13. Tin Soldier
  14. You Spent It
  15. Law of the Jungle
  16. I Just Want to Make Love To You
  17. I Need Your Love (Like a Fish Needs a Raincoat)
  18. Gypsy Woman
  19. Out of the Blue (With Peter Frampton)
  20. Bigger They Come Harder They Fall (With Peter Frampton)

Disc Two

  1. Give All She's Got
  2. Imaginary Love (Alternative version)
  3. Give Her My Regards
  4. Blue Morning
  5. You Really Got Me
  6. Money Money
  7. You'll Never Get Away From Me
  8. Imaginary Love
  9. What'd I Say

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