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Dan's People

Dan's People made their Small Faces Convention debut at the Ruskin Arms in 2002. They were very popular with the Small Faces audience and so Room for Ravers has taken a listen to the new CD, the 25 Miles Plus EP.

25 Miles Plus was released in 2002 and consists of four tracks, all cover versions: Edwin Starr's Twenty-five Miles, the Small Faces' Don't Burst My Bubble, the Creation's Making Time and the Detroit Spinners' Sweet Thing. This is well-worth a listen with a superb version of Don't Burst My Bubble. Making Time is a much underplayed song and a good name for a Web site! 

Dan's People consists of Noel Lanigan on lead vocals, Dan Taylor on drums and backing vocals, Otis Kelly on Hammond organ, electric piano and backing vocals, Rob Wilson on guitar and backing vocals and Steve Prince on bass and backing vocals. 

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Dan's People at the Ruskin Arms


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