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Influences: Sam Cooke

In the first of a new series on Room for Ravers, we consider those artists who had a major influence on the Small Faces. Listen to the opening drum roll on the first Small Faces album. This is the Sam Cooke song Shake. It was also covered by Otis Redding who played a storming version of it at Monterey.

Sam Cooke is one of those artists who died young but left a lasting legacy. At nineteen he joined the Soul Stirrers who were already gaining a name around the world. His first record was Jesus Gave Me Water on which he sang the lead. However, he then moved away from the gospel music when he became a solo artist. 

You Send Me was released by Keen Records in 1957. This made the R&B and pop charts and has recently been heard advertising the Royal Mail in the UK. He then had a sustained run of chart hits in the US Billboard rankings. In the UK, he first reached the charts with Chain Gang which reached number 9 in 1960. Two years later, he scored with Twistiní the Night Away followed by Another Saturday Night and the aforementioned Shake. His biggest UK hit was Wonderful World which was 27 in 1960 but it went as high as number 2 in 1986. Animals fans will also be aware of Bring it On Home To Me.

However, Cooke was not just a very special singer. He wrote most of his material including Shake.

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Recommended listening:

Sam Cooke Ė Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964

  1. Touch The Hem Of His Garment

  2.  Lovable

  3. You Send Me

  4. Only Sixteen

  5. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons

  6. Just For You

  7. Win You Love For Me

  8. Everybody Love To Cha Cha Cha

  9. Iíll Come Running Back To You

  10. You Were Made For Me

  11. Sad Mood

  12. Cupid

  13. (What A) Wonderful World

  14. Chain Gang

  15. Summertime

  16. Little Red Rooster

  17. Bring It On Home To Me

  18. Nothing Can Change This Love

  19. Sugar Dumpling

  20. (Ainít That) Good News

  21. Meet Me At Mary-S Place

  22. Twistiní The Night Away

  23. Shake

  24. Tennessee Waltz

  25. Another Saturday Night

  26. Good Times

  27. Having A Party

  28. Thatís Where Itís At

  29. A Change Is Gonna Come

  30. Jesus Gave Me Water


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