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The Small Fakers - Mr Kyps, Poole 30 December 2008

The top Small Faces tribute band were back in East Dorset for the third time in a year and this was the best yet. This band is getting better all the time and this is, without doubt, the best that I have seen them play.

The Small Fakers cover the whole career of the Small Faces, more or less in order. The first single What'Cha Gonna Do About It kicked off the show and the encore of Lazy Sunday and a reprise of All or Nothing had the large crowd singing along. The only gaps in terms of singles were Patterns, Afterglow and The Universal. For Small Faces fans there were also plenty of album tracks. There were four tracks from Ogdens Nut Gone Flake including Rene "for all the prostitutes in the audience!"

The Small Fakers have now reached a very interesting point. The band is now so tight and confident that they are certainly one of the best tribute bands around. However, there were signs in Poole that they are starting to become less of a tribute and are starting to move the songs forward, adding licks and touches of their own. Maybe this is made even more evident by the lack of Small Faces live material. The Small Fakers are no longer imitating but they are starting to strengthen and even improve on the originals. The jamming E Too D is the best example of this. The Small Fakers version of this first album track shows them starting to improvise perfectly within the guidelines set by the original. Their feel for the music is so perfect that none of the added elements sound out of place. Matt's addition of the intro to Humble Pie's 4 Day Creep was an amusing touch. The inclusion of more later Small Faces tracks such as Don't Burst My Bubble, Wham Bam Thank You Mam or the Autumn Stone would be very interesting as they will almost certainly show how the group would have sounded had they not split.

If you have not seen the Small Fakers yet then check them out in 2009.

A mention should be made of support band Roaster. They started off the evening with a fine set of rock and blues standards including tracks by Cream, Neil Young, Thin Lizzy, Joe Cocker, BB King and Free.


Set list:
  • What'Cha Gonna Do About It
  • She La La La Lee
  • Shake
  • Hey Girl
  • Grow Your Own
  • I Can't Dance with You
  • Sorry She's Mine
  • All or Nothing
  • My Mind's Eye
  • E too D
  • Get Yourself Together
  • I Can't Make It
  • Here Come the Nice
  • Happy Boys Happy
  • Itchycoo Park
  • I'm Only Dreaming
  • Donkey Rides, A Penny, A Glass
  • Tin Soldier
  • Rene
  • Song of a Baker
  • Rollin' Over
  • Lazy Sunday
  • All or Nothing

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