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Had Me a Real Good Time!

The 2Ronnies

The Old Tigers Head 06/02/03

Prompted by the excellent Room for Ravers, I schlepped out on a miserable Thursday night to check out  the debut gig by the South London based 2Ronnies. This bunch of  reprobates are not a tribute to Messrs Barker and Corbett but a 5 piece band who cover the raggle taggle career of THE dynamic duo , Ronnie Wood and Ronnie Lane. We were treated to an eclectic selection songs from the evergreen and often overlooked back catalogue of Small Faces, Faces, Slim Chance and a smattering of  period Stones to get yer yas yas out to.

For the punter of a certain age it was a trip back to what could be called the golden age of Brit-Rock. The influence of these bands is still seen in the music of  Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller. They played two 45 minute sets which had everyone singing along to classic songs like Lazy Sunday and Stay With Me, and ended the set with the Stones classic Miss You which had everyone up dancing and resulted in two encores. It was also great to hear some more obscure songs among the favourites, including a great version of Ronnie Lane's Roll on Babe, adding a nice blend to the more familiar songs…..but where was Itchycoo Park??.

While some bands pay tribute to only one artist the 2Ronnies are playing the music of  perhaps two of  the most  overlooked musicians of  '60s and '70s  and bringing it to life again.

A wet night out in Lewisham…but I’m so glad I come, etc,etc.

Stan The Fan.

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