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The Untamed

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Lindsay Muir, Brian Breeze, Keith Hodge, Terry Slade

The Untamed had been groomed by Shel Talmy, the producer responsible for the Who, the Kinks and the Creation. However, they never had the same level of impact as these groups. The group released five singles between 1964 and 1966. This demonstrated a level of crossover between mod and R&B roots making use of the organ as well as guitar. 

The first of the two singles released on Talmy's Planet label was It's Not True, a Pete Townshend track that the Who released on the My Generation LP. They also recorded Townshend's Kids Take Over, a track not recorded by The Who. This last track featured a minor name change to Lindsay Muir's Untamed. 

A compilation Gimme Gimme was issued in 2001 and included all the singles except the first So Long as well as additional tracks such as James Brown's I'll Go Crazy. This featured a young session musician called Jimmy Page on guitar. However, So Long is available on Untamed and Innocent. This compilation also has a number of live tracks from a BBC TV broadcast from 1966. 

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