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The Ravens

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Ray Davies - guitar, vocals, Dave Davies - guitar, vocals, Pete Quaife - bass, Mick Avory - drums

Ray and Dave Davies formed the Ray Davies Quartet with Pete Quaife and John Start while at Tollington Grammar School in North London. The group played local pubs and included various lead vocalists in their ranks, one of which was Rod Stewart who later formed Rod Stewart & the Moonrakers. Ray Davies met the former Yardbirds manager Georgio Gomelsky while studying at Hornsey College of Art. Through this connection Ray Davies met up with many influential musicians from the emerging London jazz and blues scene. He played some gigs with the Dave Hunt Band before teaming up with the Hamilton King Band. In spring 1963, the Ray Davies Quartet changed its name to the Ramrods. Other names used at this time were the Pete Quaife Band and the Bo-Weevils before the group settled on the Ravens. The band had a couple of managers before Shel Talmy joined. The band were gigging extensively and recorded a demo tape in Regent Studios in late 1963. This was later released on an EP as the band's only release.

Mickey Willet was the drummer for a short while before the Ravens signed to Pye Records. At this time Mick Avory joined on drums after the band saw an ad he had placed in Melody Maker. Avory was a jazz drummer and was part of the London scene having played one gig with the early Rolling Stones. With the record contract the band changed their name to the Kinks.

Original bass player Pete Quaife died from a kidney disease on 23 June 2010.

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