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The Kinks

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Ray Davies - guitar, vocals, Dave Davies - guitar, vocals, Pete Quaife - bass, Mick Avory - drums

The Kinks started life in early 1964 having most recently been known as the Ravens. Shel Talmy had become the manager and negotiated a record deal with Pye Records.

The Kinks arrived for their first US tour in June 1965. They caused chaos through their behaviour and, as a result, they were blacklisted by the American Federation of Musicians. They did not return to the US until 1969.

With the first single of 1966, Ray Davies turned to the exciting London fashion scene and made fun of it through Dedicated Follower of Fashion. Carnaby Street was thriving, new boutiques were opening on a regular basis and fashions changed regularly. Davies' lyrics satirised this through the "dedicated follower" being "as fickle as can be." The single made the top five in the UK despite Dave Davies claiming he hated it. Nevertheless, it has remained one of the most enduring of the Kinks' singles.

Original bass player Pete Quaife died from a kidney disease on 23 June 2010.

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