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The Incredible String Band on Tour, 2002

The now annual Incredible String Band tour ran through the second half of October covering many venues and places so far unvisited by the 21st century String Band. A warm up gig in Birmingham provided a few surprises alongside what have now become standards for the live set. The biggest surprise was a rendition of Douglas Traherne Harding. Job's Tears was also played. Restored to the set were Empty Pocket Blues, Black Jack Davy, This Moment, Chinese White and Maker of Islands. Big Ted was "almost" played at one point. A glance at the set lists shows that the set changed each evening although the core remained the same. Those who attended several of the concerts on the tour would have been fortunate to hear some Incredible String Band gems performed live for the first time in many years. 

There were spots for the "newer" members of the Incredible String Band, Bina Williamson with the Indian movie love song and Lawson Dando with a solo on African Bird. Bina's contribution to Job's Tears  has been praised by those who were there. 

However, the tour was marred by Clive Palmer falling ill and missing the Oxford date where the band performed as a four-piece. The set was cut short, omitting the Clive Palmer material but, unfortunately, not filling the gaps with additional Mike or Robin songs. 

A number of tracks were omitted at the Croydon gig. These included The Eyes of Fate, Strings in the Earth and Air, Out on the Street, Worlds They Rise and Fall. The Fairfield Hall was not rated highly as a venue as it may have been too large for the band with fans dotted around the auditorium. This meant that the atmosphere was somewhat subdued. 

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