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Nebulous Nearnesses

The incrediblestringband

At the end of the 2003 tour, the band booked into Peter Gabriel's Real World studio to record a "live in the studio" album of the current concert set. The basic sessions and the off overdub were all recorded in two days in front of an invited audience under the guidance of Gabriel's producer Ben Findlay. the band also invited Icelandic percussionist Steini Gudmundsson and bass guitarist Gavin Dickie to play on the recording.

Release date: 2004

Track Listing

  1. You Know What You Could Be
  2. Cousin Caterpillar
  3. Everything's Fine Right Now
  4. Chinese White
  5. Ducks on a Pond
  6. How Happy I Am
  7. Water Song
  8. Banjo Tune
  9. Log Cabin Home in the Sky
  10. Painting Box
  11. Empty Pocket Blues
  12. Hedgehog's Song
  13. A Very Cellular Song

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