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The Incredible String Band on Radio 1

Two CDs have been released which contain songs performed by the Incredible String Band at the BBC and broadcast on Radio One. Fourteen "sessions" were recorded for Radio One but many of these have been lost or taped over. Details of the sessions are as follows. These are taken from the book In Session Tonight by Ken Garner and published by BBC Enterprises.

*=Included on "On Air"

The Radio One Live in Concert was recorded at the Paris Theatre in 1971 and 1972.

Note that some songs are included on "On Air" but are not mentioned in these session details. Ken Garner suggests that some songs may have been renamed.

Mike Heron also recorded two sessions for Radio One, the first of which was credited to Mike Heron's reputation.

Incredible String Band


Top Gear: Painting Box, Mercy I Cry City, Chinese White, Nightfall. (Featured Robin & Mike)


Night Ride: You Get Brighter, All Too Much For Me, Ducks on a Pond. (Featured Robin & Mike)


Night Ride: All Writ Down, Dust Be Diamonds, Theta, Fine Fingered Hand. (Featured Robin, Mike, Likky and Rose)


Top Gear: The Letter, This Moment, Gather Around, Waiting For You, Black Jack Davy. (Featured Robin, Mike, Likky and Rose)


Top Gear: Won't You Come and See Me, Empty Pocket Blues, Flowers of the Forest, Beautiful Stranger, Dark-Eyed Lady. (Featured Robin, Mike, Likky and Rose)


Stuart Henry: Everything's Fine Right Now, Coleman's Fancy/Rakish Paddy/The wayward Fox/Johnny Grey, Won't You Come and See Me, Raga Phuti Raga, Ring Dance. (Featured Robin, Mike, Likky and Rose)


Top Gear: Everthing's Fine Right Now, Long Long Road, The Circle is Unbroken, Raga Phuti Raga. (Featured Robin, Mike, Likky and Rose)


John Peel: You Get Brighter, Jigs, How We Danced the Lord of Weir, The Actor. (Featured Robin, Mike, Malcolm & Likky)


Pete Drummond: The Circle is Unbroken, The Sailor and the Dancer, Living in the Shadows, Tree. (Featured Robin, Mike, Malcolm & Likky)


John Peel: Did I Love a Dream, Restless Night, Down Before Cathy. (Featured Robin, Mike, Malcolm & Likky)


John Peel: Black Jack Davy, Rends Moi*, Did I Love a Dream, Witches Hat/Ladybird/I Bid You Goodnight/Long Time Sunshine*. (Featured Robin, Mike, Malcolm, Stan Lee, Jack Ingram & Stuart Gordon)


John Peel: Raga June, At the Lighthouse Dance, Saturday Maybe, Maker of Islands. (Featured Robin, Mike, Malcolm, Stan Lee, Jack Ingram & Gerard Dott)


Bob Harris: Cold days of February*, Little Girl*, The Sailor and the Dancer*, At the Lighthouse Dance. (Featured Robin, Mike, Malcolm, Stan Lee, Jack Ingram & Gerard Dott)


John Peel: Dreams of no Return*,Black Jack Davy*, Jane*, Dear Old Battlefield*. (Featured Robin, Mike & Malcolm with Graham Forbes, Jack Ingram, Stan Lee)

Mike Heron


John Peel: Draw Back the Veil, Sold on Your Love & unknown titles. (Mike, Malcolm, Graham Forbes, David Barker, Mike Tomich & John Gilston)


John Peel: Do It Yourself, Draw Back the Veil, Are You Going to Hear the Music. (Mike, Malcolm, Frank Usher & Dave Sams)

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