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Carl Wayne & The Vikings

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Carl Wayne - vocals, Dave Hollis - drums, Johnny Mann - guitar/vocals, Terry Wallace - guitar/vocals, Barry Harbor - Bass

Carl Wayne joined Birmingham band the Vikings in 1960. He soon replaced the band's singer and the group was renamed Carl Wayne & the Vikings. The Vikings had been formed by Terry Wallace as a skiffle group in 1958 with George Mann on vocals and Johnny Mann, his brother, on guitar. As the group moved towards playing more rock 'n' roll, George Mann was replaced by Robert Hughes as Mann was called up for National Service. Hughes took the stage name of Bobby Valentine. The band started to build a name on the Birmingham live circuit before guitarist John Kirby was badly injured in a car crash and was paralysed and Hughes left to be replaced by Keith Powell.

Carl Wayne's real name is Colin Tooley. He had been playing in a skiffle group called The G-Men as bass player and vocalist. He temporarily replaced Keith Powell in Keith Powell & the Vikings as the band was now known. When Powell returned, Wayne remained in the band as a second singer with the band now known as Keith Powell, Carl Wayne & the Vikings. The dual vocalist roles caused some friction within the group and Powell left to form Keith Powell & the Valets. Wayne was now the single front man and Carl Wayne & the Vikings became one of Birmingham's top bands as well as undertaking a series of dates in Germany.

The band's first single on Pye Records was What's The Matter Baby? This is, of course, familiar to Small Faces fans as is was the b-side to their first single What'Cha Gonna Do About It, albeit as What's A Matter Baby? At this stage, Barry Harbor left the band and was replaced by Chris Kefford who had been in the Chantelles. Kefford played on the second Pye single This is Love. This second single seems to owe quite a lot to Smokey Robinson's You've Really Got a Hold on Me. The track was written by Danny King who also sang vocals on the song. Kefford had also been Danny King's band. Like Wayne, Kefford decided to have a stage name in Ace and was soon known as Ace the Bass. Neither of the singles troubled the compiler of the charts but the group released a third single My Girl which was released in the US only.

Prior to a second tour of Germany, drummer Dave Hollis left the band to be replaced by Bev Bevan who had been with Denny Laine & the Diplomats. The end of  the band came in 1965 after playing the Cedar Club in Birmingham. Other bands playing there around the same time included Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders and Danny King. Davy Jones (Bowie) from The Lower Third was playing the club and suggested that Trevor Burton from the Mayfair Set and Ace Kefford from the Vikings should form a band. Roy Wood from Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders was also interested as was Carl Wayne. Bev Bevan became the drummer after the position had been turned down by John Bonham who later joined the Band of Joy with Robert Plant. The band became the Move. Johnny Mann went on to replace Roy Wood in the Nightriders while Terry Wallace joined Mike Sheridan's New Lot.

In 1965, Carl Wayne was one of the founder members of the Move along with musicians from other Birmingham bands, Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders and the Mayfair Set.

Carl Wayne died of cancer in September 2004. For the last couple of years he had been touring as vocalist with the Hollies.

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