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The Move

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Guitar/vocals- Roy Wood, vocals - Carl Wayne, bass/vocals - Ace Kefford, drums - Bev Bevan, guitar - Trevor Burton

The Move are largely remembered for the fact that their third single Flowers in the Rain was the first record played on the BBC's Radio 1 in October 1967. However, the Move made an important contribution to the 1960s music scene with one of the country's top songwriters in Roy Wood.

The band played its only US tour during 1969 on a bill which included Joe Cocker & the Grease Band and Little Richard. The set was largely cover versions to appeal to the US audience. A live CD of the set, Live at the Fillmore 1969, was released in 2012.

Carl Wayne died of cancer in September 2004. For the last couple of years he had been touring as vocalist with the Hollies.

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