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All the Rage

We've been expecting this book for some time. Mac promised to deliver the truth about what goes on in the rock & roll business and he has done with All The Rage. Room for Ravers is collecting reviews of All The Rage. The book covers pre-Small Faces days with the Muleskinners, the great days with the Small Faces and the Faces. After that Mac plays with a number of bands including the Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt and the ever-cheerful Bob Dylan. He talks about both sides of the Moon (Keith, that is), the losses of Ronnie and Steve, his fight with drugs and drinks and what Rod Stewart is really like. Furthermore, he gets royalties on this so buy it now.

All The Rage is now available in paperback format. the original hardback version is no longer in print.

Buy at amazon.uk.uk

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